Earl Grey + Lavender Tea Muffins

Earl Grey + Lavender Tea Muffins | rock + paper + skillet

When my husband and I were in Seattle this past fall for our 11th-anniversary trip (yep, 1 year late on the intended 10th anniversary trip…) I fell in love with the most incredible chilly-weather drink at the Public Market: the London Fog Latté. I fell HARD. Like we were in Seattle for less than 48 hours and I had one both mornings, the second one minutes before we headed to the airport! I’ve recreated it several times back in NYC and I’m STILL enjoying it now in May READ MORE »


It all started out so innocently. A little nibble. Okay a spoonful. Maybe a bowl. And then SCREW IT. I’M EATING IT ALL.

And that is how this grain-free, Paleo, made-in-under-an-hour, and COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE granola got its name. Cracknola. It was technically “Yaya’s Cracknola” but we had to shorten it from there so that we had more time to shove fistfuls into our pieholes. READ MORE »

W30 Round 2, Reintro Day 7: Dairy

Today is the day I’ve been most curious about during my entire Whole30 journey this time around. Dairy Reintroduction Day. I’ve missed Parmesan somethin’ awful y’all! Grated, chunked, shaved, shredded. It can do no wrong. I also wanted to try yogurt, heavy cream and mozzarella. I did not get that far. Read on and I’ll tell you why. READ MORE »