Cinco de Mayo Menu 2017

Cinco de Mayo is almost here! Do you know where your avocados are?! You better because I have a treat for you! I’ve put together a fresh and simple menu that includes all of my go-to Mexican favorites. The ingredient lists are short but the flavors are phenomenal. So use the best ingredients you can find! And OMG, I love y’all so much I put together a shopping list, READ MORE »

Cucumber + St. Germain Margaritas

I just can’t let Cinco de Mayo pass without having one of these Cucumber + St. Germain Margaritas. I discovered St. Germain years ago and then came across THIS recipe from Freutcake. I’ve been playing with it ever since! I LOVE the simplicity and how a few ingredients make each other sing. READ MORE »

Holy Guacamole

Many people have one. Lots don’t. But the ones that do tend to guard it. So if you don’t already have your own guacamole recipe then look no further. And hey, even if you do you I bet it doesn’t hold a candle to my Holy Guacamole! You won’t believe how 5 ingredients can come together to make something so bright and clean. READ MORE »