W30 Round 2, Reintro Day 4: Alcohol

I hope you’re all over on Instagram keeping up with my daily meals! I won’t be posting my meals here with any regularity now that my Whole30 is nearly finished. But Insta? I’M ALL ABOUT IT.

Tonight I’ll run you through yesterday’s day of meals because it led up to my evening of reintroducing alcohol. The short version is that breakfast and lunch were both Whole30 approved and then dinner was the best I could do. For many reasons. I’ll explain more below!


I went with simple scrambled eggs and a big pan of sautéed kale with a little s&p. The fruit salad was fun because the kiwi fruits I bought nearly a week ago are finally ripe. I haven’t loved kiwi in the past because they were more tart than sweet to me. What a difference resetting your taste buds can do! I knew I was heading to the gym for a pretty tough strength and conditioning sesh so I kept breakfast small, planning on having a post-workout snack. This was easy and fast and just got me out the door.

Scrambled Eggs + Sautéed Kale + Strawberries & Blueberries & Kiwi

After my workout I needed a little more than my usual Nutpods French Vanilla latté ☕️, which I did have btw… But I also had the small leftover hamburger pattie and half of a leftover roasted sweet potato. I don’t understand the science behind it but from what I’ve read, in several different places, I hear a little protein and carb-dense starch is helpful after a workout. Something about glycogen and muscle repair. That’s all I got. So that’s what I had.

Time to eat off the leftover Nom Nom Paleo Instant Pot Korean Short Ribs from dinner the other night. I have to be honest, the night we made them they were terribly fatty. And not in a good way. I LURV this recipe but the short ribs I bought must have been fattier than usual because there was an oil slick EVERYWHERE. However, upon reheating them for lunch a day later they were perfectly fine and really quite delicious. I understand short ribs are a heavier, fattier cut in the first place, but this batch was beyond. I’ll just be a bit choosier at the butcher counter next time. I had the rest of the leftover roasted broccoli and the other half of the leftover roasted sweet potato. The day before I made Fed & Fit’s Creamsicle Chia Pudding. Since I’d be the only one eating it I just made a half recipe (2 servings). Holy childhood creamsicle memories! I had the first serving the night before, and then the second one with this lunch. It was delicious, nutritious, and really easy to make! I added half of a VERY ripe banana (before it went bad!) and a splash of vanilla extract – great additions. I will caution you that the clementines I had were on the tart side and it made the pudding a bit more bitter than I would have liked. Next time I’ll use sweeter clementines because this was on point.

Leftover City: IP Korean Short Ribs + Roasted Broccoli + Roasted Sweet Potato Half + Creamsicle Chia Pudding

I was a freaking snacking machine this afternoon/evening. I had tried calling the restaurant we were going to several times so that I could talk dietary restrictions and could never get through to anyone – always went to voicemail and no one called me back. Dinner wasn’t until 7:30, which means that by the time you order drinks and food you’re not really eating until 8pm. I checked out the menu online but because I couldn’t speak with anyone beforehand I didn’t know how much I’d be able to eat there. Thought I should front load at home with food I knew was compliant. The other half of my Cherry Pie Lärabar, a Chomps stick, the last serving of pork rinds, a few plantain chips, and veggies. I said “compliant” not “in the spirit of the Whole30” because I’m cutting myself some slack during Reintroduction.

Girls Night Out! I couldn’t wait to meet up with this group of ladies. My best friends in the city are all moms from our nursery school, and there are several different groups of us depending on what kids overlapped years and what events and committees we worked on together. This group went to Ella on the UWS last night. I’d never been and didn’t know anything about it, but that’s one of the amazing things about NYC and one of my favorite parts of living here: trying new food because there’s ALWAYS a new restaurant to explore. Okay, so the one thing I DID know about dinner going in was that it’s a tapas place that also has a selection of main courses. Our server was so wonderful, I can’t even. I made sure to get there early, before everyone else arrived, so that I could ask a ton of menu questions and not interrupt everyone’s meal. They wouldn’t have cared, but I did. So before anyone showed up I had a plan. I told our server I was avoiding dairy, grains, and gluten. I didn’t get all up in the oils the kitchen was cooking with but I did tell him I wanted to avoid soybean oil and peanut oil. There might have been some cross-contamination with gluten in the fryer but for me the reward outweighed the risk. Shrimp and octopus and patatas bravas and chorizo and sautéed mushrooms. My friends were totally cool with all of the sauces being served on the side and I loved them for that! I’m still surprised and grateful at how accommodating people are if you just ASK NICELY.

Oh smoky mezcal in my Hechizo, you were a treat! I have no photos of dinner because I chose to put my phone away and be present with my friends, so a screenshot of the bar menu will have to do!

For drinks I had one tequila cocktail and a glass of red wine. I’m writing about this the day after because I didn’t feel any ill effects of the alcohol last night. The cocktail was a bit sweet for me but neither that nor the red wine gave me a headache (sugar) or flushed cheeks (sulfites). When I got home I even tried on my jeans to see if I was at all bloated. Thankfully not! But when I woke up this morning. BOO. My hands felt tight and I had the “I drank last night” headache. But more importantly, my digestion wasn’t ok until after breakfast. I had forgotten that alcohol tends to slow me down. Like to a screeching halt. But once I got back on track with a compliant breakfast full of protein and healthy fats I was good to go.

This is real life now and my real life includes eating out with friends and not being a shut-in. That being said, because of this Whole30 I’m more educated about what works for ME at this moment in time. And there’s a lot of confidence in that! I have an event next week and it’s nice to know that I can have a glass of wine or two and not feel my dress get tighter over the course of the evening. By the time I go to said event my reintroduction phase will be over and I’ll go in to that night knowing exactly what will work for me and what won’t. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Now I’m back to the Whole30 today and tomorrow. Yes Super Bowl Sunday. And we have a pretty big horse in the race. Once again, I already have a plan. And it includes Siete tortilla chips and SkinnyTaste’s Best Guacamole Recipe. Because it really is the best! On Monday I reintroduce dairy and to be honest, I’m hopeful but a bit nervous about this one. I’m getting used to – and expecting to! – feel good all day every day. And I feel like dairy is about to throw a monkey wrench into that… We’ll see. 🤞🏼

Have a great weekend everyone! And GO PATS!


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