W30 Round 2, Day 29: Woman With a Plan

Sunday funday! My FAVORITE day for breakfast. Last week’s Stick Blender Hollandaise Sauce was the starting point for today because I had leftover sauce! I treated it the same as homemade mayo for expiration – as long as the egg was good the sauce would be good. But so as not to tempt the food poisoning gods I capped it at a week. Right out of the fridge the sauce is solid from the ghee being cool, so I pulled it out when I woke up and let it come to room temp. Then I gently heated the container over a mug of hot water and it stirred right back up to a sauce! YAY! This is a game changer for me because I luuuurv Eggs Benedict and can now start playing with some variations. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

Crispy Fried Eggs + Sweet Potato Toasts + Leftover Stick Blender Hollandaise Sauce + Prosciutto-Wrapped Bartlett Pears + Nutpods Latté

Back to this breakfast. FOCUS. I lived on eggs over sweet potatoes my first Whole30 – usually as a hash – so to save a bit of time today I did the on-trend sweet potato thang with Sweet Potato Toasts. I’m not a fan of trying to cut these lengthwise because I don’t want to loose a chunk of flesh, but I found a way to stabilize the spud. Just cut a sliver off the side so that it lays flat! I know. All brains over here. I topped my sweet potato toasts with 2 crispy fried eggs and the reconstituted hollandaise sauce and got DOWN on it. But wait. Did you see fancy fruit on my plate? Ya did. The Bartlett pears were ripe in the “need to eat immediately” way so I cut two up for the kids and grabbed a few pieces. To jazz them up for a Sunday breakfast I wrapped them in prosciutto. And a Nutpods French Vanilla latté that was ready WITH the meal? My weekend brunch game was STRONG today. 🏋🏼‍♀️🍳☀️


Nothing needed.

This one came out of nowhere today. I bought portobello mushroom caps at the store and thought I’d top them with the Freezer Picadillo so I pulled out a bag. But when I opened the fridge for the Portobellos I saw 2 zucchini and a container just full of those Cinnamon Sage Sausage Patties and the last of the marinara sauce. LIGHT BULB 💡 I spiralized the zucchini and sautéed it in one pan, and then chopped up 2 1/2 of the patties and reheated them in a second pan with the sauce. Went to grab the sauce. Uuuuuuummmm, about that expiration date. Too long. So I got to try a new clean sauce I bought, for just this kind of situation! Hoboken Farms Big Red Marinara has a short and clean ingredient list so I went with this over food poisoning. Always livin’ on the edge over here. When the zoodles were finished cooking I cooked up a portobello cap for fun, and to add a little heft to the dish. But then it was zoodles topped with the portobello cap topped with the marinara-sausage mixture topped with basil that I cut into a chiffonade. Gorgeous, filling, simple ingredients. LOVE.

Cinnamon Sage Sausage Pattie Bolognese Sauce + Portobello Mushroom Cap + Zoodles + Basil Chiffonade
Love these picks for clean marinara sauce. Good thing I mark the tops with the date…

As filling as lunch was at the time, zoodles never really fill me up for too long and I thought I’d probably need a snack before dinner. Monkey Salad! Only this time I cut the almond butter in half and added a little coconut butter. Delicious either way.

Could not deal with making dinner. We almost always outsource dinner for Sunday nights. No one wants to go the store with every other New Yorker on Sunday and frankly, we just don’t like to think too much on Sundays. Except for in the evening, after dinner, when the kids are asleep and my husband and I are getting ready for the week. That sentence feels sad. But true 😂 I could not, just COULD NOT, order yet another pizza only to watch my husband and kids eat it without me. So mom chose Chipotle tonight! I even volunteered to go out and pick it up so that I could get some fresh* air. My usual order is the Burrito Bowl, no rice, Carnitas, pico (mild red salsa) and lettuce. We get a side of guac and chips, of which I take an oversized spoonful of the guac. And once home I cook up cauli-rice and bell peppers and onions with my homemade chili powder and some cumin and s&p. That’s the base. I divide the bowl in half so that half goes on the bed of veg, and the other half is another meal for another day. Top that with the generous dollop of guac and I’m as happy as a 🐷 in 💩!

Chipotle Carnitas Bowl w Guacamole + Homemade Cauli-Rice, Bell Pepper & Red Onion

*Fresh is relative when you’re talking about the air quality in New York City.

When I made the cauli-rice, peppers & onions I cut up the rest of the pepper and onions so that they’d be ready to cook for the leftover Chipotle bowl. I also found the English cucumber that need to be washed, peeled, and cut into rounds. My other prepping is of course a grocery list for tomorrow. There’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to make it to not only Whole Foods but also Costco!! I’m running low or completely out of some of my favs from Costco so I can justify a trip up to Yonkers for this haul. Yes, there’s one on 116th & basically the East River but the selection is terribly limited and if you hit the traffic wrong (which is usually the case) it can take just as long to get to and from 116th as it does Yonkers. NYC crosstown math. 🤷🏼‍♀️

DAY 29 IS HOW I FEEL! This really did fly by and I can’t believe I’ve nearly finished my second Whole30. I have learned so much about myself and food and the food industry and label reading and social situations and what’s worth it and what’s not and what my priorities are going forward. And even though tomorrow is Day 30 and I’m finished with this project, there’s still Reintroduction right? So as promised, here’s my Reintroduction plan:

Some thing you’ll notice is that I’m not reintroducing legumes. I don’t eat them and don’t care. Except hummus. I *might* try that one after Gluten Grains but we’ll see. I also mixed up the schedule from the book a bit to suit my calendar of events. I’m starting with Non-Gluten Grains because I have 2 events on Friday that will most likely include alcohol. I will also be eating Whole30 on Super Bowl Sunday but I’m not terribly worried about that. As long as I make my husband wings or Buffalo Cauliflower Bites and guacamole for everyone (gluten-free chips for me) then all will be well. Dairy is the big one I’m interested to see. As long as I can get away with some grated parm and a slice of gluten-free pizza with mozzarella now and then I can make this work for me.

See – it’s not over tomorrow! I did this to really reevaluate my health long-term and I think once again, a little planning has set me up be successful during the last part of this project. So good luck to everyone, no matter if you’re starting, finishing, in the middle or just thinking about it. And if you’re just thinking about it, make like Nike and just do it! The Whole30 is a 30+ day investment in YOU.


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