W30 Round 2, Day 28: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

A quick little number to get us out the door for gymnastics class and end-of-semester medal ceremony. Cuteness overload! When my husband and I are both trying to make ourselves AND the kids breakfast at the same time in the kitchen I like something a little hands-off. Like starting this in the mini cast iron and throwing it in the toaster oven for 7 minutes. Done and done. Side of avocado. Sprinkle of Tony’s. Add a few strawberries. Ready for the day.

Mini Prosciutto Egg Skillet + Avocado w Tony’s + Strawberries

The not-a-snack Nutpods French Vanilla latté. ☕️👍🏼

So from gymnastics we stopped back home to get ready for soccer. And from soccer we were going straight to an orthodontist appointment. And from there to get the car to head out of the city for the afternoon. I really didn’t think I was going to have time to sit down and eat lunch today. I had packed lunches for the kids because my youngest ended up coming along and ortho appointments usually mean tender teeth for the patient. I packed myself a good amount of snacks: a Chomps stick, a mini Cashew Cookie Lärabar, a banana, a packet of almond butter, Dang coconut chips, etc. But on the day I most needed it, everything went clickety-click and I got to sit down for lunch! HOT DAMN. It was quick but I was grateful to have pretty great leftovers to reheat.

Leftover City: Bacon Meatloaf + Roasted Tri-Color Carrots & Broccoli + Sweet Potato Stack

I wasn’t sure what time we were going to get back to the city and what we were going to do for dinner. I had a Chomps stick and a banana in the car around 4:30pm knowing that would hold me for a bit.

We pulled into the city around 6pm so my husband and kids ate takeout on their own and I made a quick dinner. I didn’t use the full 2 lbs. of ground beef for the Bacon Meatloaf the other night so I made two patties and just seasoned one with salt & pepper and the other with Nom Nom Paleo’s Magic Mushroom Powder. I saved the latter and had the s&p pattie. While the patties cooked I microwaved a russet potato and riced it. Mixed in coconut milk, ghee and a splash of truffle oil. A single serving of Truffled Mashed Potatoes? TREAT YO SELF. And a quick side salad of butter lettuce leaves and baby spinach with balsamic rounded out the meal. I went back to my K.I.S.S. philosophy for this round and it served me well tonight. Real food made with few ingredients. Delicious.

Hamburger Pattie + Truffled Mashed Potato + Butter Lettuce & Baby Spinach w O&Co. Balsamic Vinegar

Nothing again. Every time I cook something I make sure to make extra. That means I’m eating leftovers for a good portion of my other meals. I did happen upon this page in the Good Housekeeping issue at gymnastics this morning. Might need to research this little number…

Spice inspiration.

God bless, today was nonstop. Gymnastics, soccer, orthodontist, afternoon out of the city, grabbing dinner on the way back in, FULL STOP. But tomorrow? Tomorrow is gorgeous. Tomorrow is rest. Tomorrow is not a damn thing on the calendar!

But do you know what stuck out to me today? Among all of the hustle not once did I worry about finding a bathroom because I wasn’t sure how a food or foods would agree with me. WHAT?! The beauty of the city is that there’s ALWAYS a Starbucks near you can pop in to, but we were on. the. go the entire day. And what if breakfast didn’t sit? Or worse lunch, when we were going to be out all afternoon and in to the evening? That was pretty amazing for someone who almost always has an “escape plan.” 😜

That’s all for tonight lovelies. And probably TMI, no? Tomorrow I’m planning my Reintroduction – FINALLY. I’ll share that plan in tomorrow evening’s blog post, when I have it written out and ready.


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