W30 Round 2, Day 27: Mach Speed

I couldn’t wait to have my new Cinnamon Sage Sausage Patties this morning! And any breakfast meat is best dipped in the runny yolk of delicious eggs, amiright? Crispy Fried Eggs it was. I made another Sweet Potato Stack out of some of the leftover there and then grabbed some mango from the one I cut up for the kids. When those are on sale for 2 for $5 we eat mango like kings! Blueberries for color. And antioxidants. But mostly color. 😜

Crispy Fried Eggs + Cinnamon Sage Sausage Patties + Sweet Potato Stack + Mango & Blueberries

I had my Nutpods French Vanilla lattΓ© when I got home from running errands after school drop-off. It’s one of my favorite parts of my morning now. I’ve started adding a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and I’m loving it.

I was in such a rush to get everything ready for my oldest’s birthday party tonight that I literally just pulled containers out of the fridge. Reheated and ran. I was hungry but ended up not finishing the soup. The steak and broccoli was so so good reheated and that’s really all I needed today.

Leftover Marinated Steak + Leftover Bagna CΓ uda + Leftover Instant Pot Rando Soup

I had a large banana and maybe a tablespoon of almond butter as a late snack – close to 5pm. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to eat at the restaurant tonight for the birthday party and I wanted to hedge my bet.

Snack attack.

Deep breaths. πŸ˜™πŸ’¨ Hibachi Birthday or Bust! I thought I’d have a better chance finding something there over Carmine’s but hibachi just makes me think soybean oil, soy sauce, and MSG everywhere. I called ahead and they were very accommodating in regard to food allergies and/or dietary restrictions. But I really wanted to talk to someone in person and pepper them with questions so that if they didn’t know they’d take the time to find the appropriate person who did. I mean, the birthday dinner ended at 7pm so I thought worst case scenario I could eat something when I got home.

I was so pleasantly surprised at the customer service tonight. Once I told them I needed to avoid dairy and gluten they were all “Okay, we’re making your food in the kitchen, not on the flat top at the table.” ❀️ Steamed shrimp and steamed veggies, lightly seasoned with salt and if any oil were to be used it would be vegetable. NOT SOYBEAN, but not canola either. I just made the best decision I could with the information I had. The food was wonderful but I really REALLY missed that fried rice! And the shrimp carmelized in butter and soy sauce on the flat top… But I’ve lived to see another day. I totally meant to pack a small container of coconut aminos but it’s a miracle I made it out the door to the party with my head still attached. And the cake! Oh, I loved this cake, if you can call a brownie-Rice Krispie Treat hybrid confection a cake. I so wanted a big chunk of that. *sigh* So instead I had a big scoop of coconut butter with a few dates when I got home. No, not the same, but delicious in a satisfying way. PROGRESS!

Flame Hibachi: Steamed Shrimp + Steamed Veggies + Seltzer w Lime Wedge

Nothing! I just reheated and ran for meals today. For prepping I did hit the grocery store. Again. Is that happening DAILY?! Probably. I left the kids’ school at 8:20am and had to wait for Michael’s to open at 9am so I hit up Whole Foods next door. On my wasting time mission trip I went in with no list, just the idea of getting veg. Broccoli crowns, portobello mushroom caps, a russet potato, a few sweet potatoes, onions, etc. I also picked up a few fillets of frozen salmon and a dozen eggs. Now I have some good ingredients to work with this weekend.

I am absolutely run down into the ground. Birthday parties do that to me, particularly my oldest’s parties. That one is a planner! Meticulously planned events, with a schedule on our easel’s white board, a sketch of the cake (brownie base, then frosting, then Rice Krispie Treats, THEN fondant decorations in these colors and it should look like this), and a list of goodie bag items for the guests. This year it was everything Harry Potter and Hogwarts. I DREW OWLS ON WHITE BALLOONS PEOPLE. Fine, not owls, Hedwig. I drew Hedwig, Harry’s pet owl on the damn balloons. Stick a fork in me.

My little wizard had the BEST birthday and it truly was fun pulling it all together. As requested, clockwise from top left: Birthday bunting in the Harry Potter typeface; Butter Beer; Harry Potter decorated “cake,” Hedwig balloons.

My digestion is back on track and that feels really good. I’m hopeful that there was no funny business in the food tonight, and based on how many questions THEY asked ME I’m feeling good about it. In thinking about Reintroduction I picked up a small wedge of goat gouda while I was at Whole Foods. Dairy has messed with me in the past, and I’ll test it again because I’m wondering if it’s just cow’s milk. Maybe goat cheese or sheep’s milk yogurt will agree with me? I don’t think cheese, in small quantities, bothers me. But milk and ice cream are a no. One of several questions I have in the coming week and beyond.

We have another VERY full day tomorrow so I’m packing it in early tonight. Hard to believe that after the weekend I’ll be deciding where I go from here. And breaking out the scale!

Deep breaths πŸ˜™πŸ’¨πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰


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