W30 Round 2, Day 26: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Is it Friday yet?! The only thing I’m finding comfort in is knowing that Monday starts THREE WHOLE WEEKS of school. Finally, enough time for us to get a routine going. You get so used to waking up in the pre-dawn hours when your babies are babies. But then all of a sudden they’re teens-in-training and have to by physically removed from their beds for school. So by the time I got the kids situated I had about 20 minutes to make breakfast AND eat it. Quick scrambled eggs, but to beat boredom I added a generous shake of Penzey’s Sunny Paris Seasoning while they cooked. I love how the eggs came out looking all herb-filled. ‘Cause they kinda were. When that was done cooking I threw some of the leftover Broccoli Bagna Càuda in the hot pan to heat it through. So good! I cubed up 1/4 of an avocado, finished the container of blueberries and stole more strawberries from my kids again. Good morning sunshine!☀️☀️☀️

Scrambled Eggs w Penzey’s Sunny Paris Seasoning + Leftover Broccoli Bagna Càuda + Avocado + 4th of July Berries

Not really a snack but I taste-tested one of the Cinnamon-Sage Breakfast Patties and WOOT that’s some good eats! Since I was home all morning, just KILLIN IT, I of course had my Nutpods French Vanilla latté.

I thought I was going to reheat the steak from last night and throw it over some arugula for a steak salad, but then I saw the lone leftover Magic Chicken breast and leftover Brussels sprouts. And my eyes went right to the Tessamae’s Matty’s BBQ Sauce. Match made in heaven. I heated up the chicken and sprouts and then smothered the chicken in the sauce. And once again I didn’t have any carb-dense veg prepped so I went for the plantain chips. BUT NO. Instead of taking an hour to cook a baked sweet potato I took the idea of sweet potato toast and just cut them into rounds. I have decent knife skills but cutting sweet potatoes into “toast” gives me major agita after I sliced off the top of my thumb a few weeks ago when an onion half jumped a bit. I went the safer route for my fingers and thumbs. It only took about 20 minutes in the 400 degree toaster oven! I seasoned them with salt & pepper prior to baking and when they came out I put a little ghee on each layer, stacked them, and then sprinkled the top tater with some cinnamon. LOVED this lunch.

Tessamae’s Matty’s BBQ Sauce-Smothered Chicken Breast + Leftover Brussels Sprouts + Roasted Sweet Potato Stack

It might not look like it in the photo but my lunch was on the smaller side because I wasn’t THAT hungry. So I knew I’d probably have something small this afternoon. My mini Apple Pie Lärabar and a Chomps Stick did the trick.

And yes, I got my nails done. Thanksfornoticingokbye!

We’ve been eating dinner on the later side these past few weeks. Like I start thinking about cooking dinner at 6pm instead of having it on the table then! So with my late afternoon snack I just don’t want a big plate for dinner. Which suits me just fine. I don’t go to bed hungry but I sure don’t feel like I’m rockin’ a food baby either. I saw something on Instagram about the Mexican Meatloaf from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook so I looked it up. Hmm. I didn’t have one of the key ingredients. So why not make up my own meatloaf? I did use her Bacon Meatloaf on paleomg.com as a guide, but I threw together what I had and you know what? It was great! The kids loved it and so did I. My husband was meh about it but the McCormick packet of meatloaf mix is his bar so… I opened my new bottle of Tessamae’s Ketchup – something I hadn’t tried before. WHAT A FIND. I haven’t made my own ketchup before because I use it so infrequently – I feel like it’d go bad waaaaay before we’d go through it. So it’s really convenient to have a bottle of Tessamae’s in the fridge that I know is clean and delicious. Oh, and did I mention I found my beloved Wellshire Sugar-Free Dry Rubbed Paleo Bacon on my trip out to the Whole Foods in Paramus yesterday? So naturally I bought 4 packages of it. Obsessed much? Very much. I had the rest of the loose multi-colored carrots to coin up and a single crown of broccoli. Roasted all of that with olive oil and many generous shakes of Primal Palate’s Meat & Potatoes Seasoning. And again, leftovers for another meal. My leftovers game is strong right now!

Bacon Meatloaf + Tessamae’s Ketchup + Roasted Tri-Color Carrots & Broccoli

I’ve been meaning to make breakfast sausage patties ever since I saw that my Applegate ones were not compliant AND my go-to recipes all contain maple syrup. I know I could just leave out the maple syrup but I thought I could find something that would work. And I did! The Cinnamon Sage Sausage Patties from Cassy Joy Garcia’s book Fed & Fit (page 143) were AMAZING. I mean, I didn’t know breakfast patties could be this good without the maple syrup. L❤️VE. I also needed to fix that no-carb-dense veg prepped situation. So I made roasted sweet potato rounds – kinda the same idea as sweet potato toast, but in disc form. It takes half the time of a roasted potato and I was HUNGRY. I roasted the whole potato so that I now have rounds for another meal.

Prep work today. Easy peasy lemon squeezey 🍋🍋🍋
Found this little gem and it’s been saving me from rubbing coconut oil all over pans with my bare hands. Though that was a good moisturizer…

Like a MILLION times better than yesterday. I had some residual stomach stuff after breakfast, specifically after my coffee, but since then I’m BACK. I had intended to sit down tonight and plan out my Reintroduction, day-by-day but ran out of time. So that gets tacked on to tomorrow’s list!


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