W30 Round 2, Day 25: Down & Out

I was up oddly early this morning, like awake at 5:37am, and I couldn’t deal. Once again I went to bed too late to get up that early. A little first day back to the school routine to get the blood pumping! I took the path of least resistance and just reheated the soup from last night and scrambled a few eggs. I was heading out for a morning of errands and knew that probably wouldn’t be enough to last until lunch time so I made peace with it while running out the door!

Leftover Instant Pot Rando Soup w Sweet Potatoes + Scrambled Eggs + Strawberries

Since I knew I’d be out all morning I made sure I had a few nibbles. But my errands included grocery shopping so there were more choices than I had packed! Yay! I ended up having the mini Cashew Cookie Lärabar I had on me but then tried something new. I’m IN LOVE with the Dang Toasted Coconut Chips – the original recipe – but that has added sugar in the form of cane sugar. I could care less about that in everyday life but for the Whole30 those are obviously a no. But Dang has a lightly salted flavor that’s compliant. NOT BAD. I still prefer the toasted original recipe but these really grew on me. 

Snacky snacky time

My last errand was Whole Foods and the one in Paramus has Tornado Shrimp in the frozen bin in the seafood section. Ever heard of them? LOVE. Individual cooked shrimp, tail on, wrapped in sweet potato noodles and baked, then frozen. They reheat like a DREAM in the toaster oven and I add a side of homemade ranch for dipping. I was so excited to grab those and have them for lunch. BUT SOYBEAN OIL. Damn you Whole Foods. I could’ve made peace with canola but I had to leave these behind. But it’s now inspiration for a homemade version! Still feelin’ fishy when I got home so I made a quick smoked salmon salad out of the leftover housemade ranch I had last night with the Crash Hot Potatoes. Then put it all in Boston lettuce leaves with sliced avocado. I was running low on prepped veg so I just had the rest of the bell peppers. And now I know chips aren’t “in the spirit” of the Whole30 but I needed a little something more on the plate and chips in general aren’t a “no brakes” food item for me. Well, except for chips and salsa or guac. Then all bets are off – AMIRIGHT?

Quick Smoked Salmon Salad Lettuce Wraps w Avocado + Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips + Bell Peppers

Nothing. More on that later.

I bought flank steak for dinner, and even got it in the marinade in good time, but to say I was excited to cook it OR eat it would be inaccurate. Which was too bad because I LOVE steak and was really looking forward to this dinner, until I started to feel like crap. I made it anyway. The kids love steak and I thought that if I felt better I’d have a little and then get to save the rest for leftovers. The marinade is based on Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook recipe for Marinated Flank Steak with Chimichurri & Pomegranates, skipping the chimichurri and pomegranates. I added extra virgin olive oil, coconut aminos, fresh lime juice, minced garlic and chopped up cilantro to a gallon ziploc and threw in the steak. I measured nothing. It sat in the marinade for about 2 hours before I cooked it in the cast iron. (I didn’t feel like bringing out the grill pan.) I roasted the broccoli and then made Nom Nom Paleo’s Broccoli Bagna Càuda out of it for myself. And the leftovers. My kids had the plain roasted broccoli. They’re missin’ out. Have you heard of this sauce/dressing? It’s just got that salty, umami thing going on with olive oil and anchovies and garlic and red pepper flakes and I absolutely LOVE it. Plus, it comes together in about 5 minutes. That easy. At the last minute I made the last of the little potatoes into Crash Hot Potatoes for everyone. I had a few but again, didn’t feel like much tonight. I’m looking forward to having this meal again, and enjoying it!

Marinated Flank Steak + Broccoli Bagna Càuda + Crash Hot Potatoes

I got the steak in the marinade before school pick up. That is all, and that was asking a lot considering how I felt right about then…

Did anyone get the license plate on that MACK truck that hit me today? No? Mkay. I don’t know WHAT happened but I laid down for a quick nap between lunch and school pick up and when I woke up I felt AWFUL. Stomach bloated, lots of cramping, headache, HELL. And it lasted for the rest of the afternoon and evening, until right after dinner. Did you see how small my dinner plate was? Yea. Did not feel like eating much.

After that awful evening of digestive issues I felt back to my normal self. So much so that I got in a 30 minute HIIT home workout from Kayla Itsines. I ordered her new book to see what she’s all about and I’m really liking it. I haven’t read through her nutrition, just the workouts, but as soon as I transition out of daily blogging I’m looking forward to diving into some of the reading I’ve shelved. That book plus Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot, Cooking for Jeffrey and revisiting the original Inspiralized before I ask for her new book for my birthday next month 😉 That’s my list!


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