W30 Round 2, Day 23: Points for Creativity

That leftover spaghetti squash needed to get eaten today and for some reason I thought about the Italian dish of Spaghetti Pie. I’ve never made it, nor have I ever had it, so God only knows why I thought to make something like that. I went with my usual 2-egg-breakfast route and turned it into a frittata with a spaghetti squash crust. Now for an add-in. I didn’t feel like cooking up bacon, and I bought a pound of ground turkey to make homemade sausage patties but I just didn’t get to it today. Sausage! So not all sausages are Whole30 compliant, in fact most are not. But I remembered that Aidell’s Chicken-Apple Sausage are compliant – the Dinner size, NOT the breakfast sausages and NOT the minis – but of course I double-checked the label not knowing if their recipe had changed from a few years ago. Same ingredients so that was a go. The Dinner size is large and an entire one would’ve been too much filling for my liking. So I chopped up half for the frittata and sautéed it in ghee before adding it to the mix. Then I cooked up the other half in more ghee and plated it. For the frittata it was 10 minutes in a 400 degree toaster oven and we were in business. Avocado for breakfast is just my jam so some went on the plate, along with my 4th of July Berries mix. I just like a colorful plate guys!

Aidell’s Chicken-Apple Sausage Frittata w Spaghetti Sauce Crust + Avocado + 4th of July Berries

Nothing. The kids are off from school so we all slept late and ate breakfast later, which means no snack needed.

HA! I buried the leftover Pressure Cooker Mexican Beef in the back of the fridge and today it was mine, ALL MINE! BWAHAHAHAHA! 😈😈😈 Damn it was good. I feel no remorse. HA! And since no one was going back for seconds on those Buffalo Cauliflower Bites I helped myself to the rest of those too, thank you very much. But the leftover half of a baked sweet potato? That was perfection. I’m loving the toasted pecan topping. It’s turning in to my standard.

Leftover Pressure Cooker Mexican Beef + Leftover Buffalo Cauliflower Bites + Leftover Baked Sweet Potato w Toasted Chopped Pecans

Whoops. We got home from an afternoon out and we were all hungry. I cut up fruit for everyone, including myself, and sat down with my plate of an apple, a tablespoon or so of almond butter and a Chomp stick. And looked up at the clock. 5pm. WHAT IN THE WHA? How did it get so late so fast?! Kids out of school always screws up our routine so we went ahead with snack and then ate dinner a little later.

Gala apple + Almond Butter + Chomps Stick

Yay for Magic Chicken! My kids dubbed chicken made with Nom Nom Paleo’s Magic Mushroom Powder as their own personal “Magic Chicken.” I can’t say enough good things about this spice blend – just MAKE it! Chicken, fish, eggs, veggies – it can do no wrong. Do note that the link above is to her recipe for a large gift-giving batch that’s scaled up from her cookbook recipe. You can see the original measurements in the photo of the cookbook recipe in her post if you’re wanting to make a smaller batch. So we had Magic Chicken (thin-sliced chicken breast cutlets) and it was welcomed to the table with open arms. For sides I cooked off a few strips of bacon and then roasted the Brussels sprouts in the leftover bacon grease. Yep. We topped the sprouts with whatever bacon bits we had after my husband and I practically cleared the cutting board of them… That was awesome too. And for myself I reheated the last of the spaghetti squash. The rest of the family finished the rice from last night.

Magic Chicken + Roasted Bacon Brussels Sprouts + Leftover Spaghetti Squash

I didn’t have to prep anything today. Yippee! But we ran out of apples and a few more things so a quick grocery trip probably needs to happen tomorrow.

Can we talk about how it’s Day 23? I’m literally a week – 7 days – out from the end of my second Whole30! That’s CRAZY! This has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and I’m excited to keep eating close to this going forward. I’ve become much more creative with leftovers and making things stretch. The planning I did beforehand has been INVALUABLE. That sheet where I wrote out different meal ideas and proteins and condiments and all of that? PRICELESS.

Boiling it down.

If I was honest the only thing that’s wearing on me – and God love the few of you who read this blog – is daily blogging! But have no fear – I’m committed to finishing these 30 days with you here and on Instagram!

And after my Whole30? I’ll keep talking about food and meals and recipes but I’ll also include all the New Yorkie stuff going on in our lives and some of my travel. If you have any requests – LET ME KNOW! I’d love to hear what you’ve enjoyed and what you’d like to see more of from me and rock+paper+skillet!


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