W30 Round 2, Day 21: Bumpy & Grumpy

It was my morning to sleep in while my husband was on gymnastics duty so I had THE BEST breakfast planned! Only plans changed when the gymnast decided Mom should she the action. I was absolutely exhausted and didn’t want to spend much time at all making anything. I reheated some leftover Curried Cream of Broccoli & Cauliflower soup and then bagged up the last two more portions for the freezer. Crispy Fried Eggs have replaced scrambled as my go-to morning egg, mostly because I love to scramble eggs in a bunch of butter and ghee is just not the same. I added a few strawberries to brighten my place AND my mouth after the very savory soup.

Crispy Fried Eggs + Leftover Curried Cream of Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup + Strawberries

My nutpods latté after gymnastics literally gave me life today. Nothing else for snack though.

I snagged those leftover Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs and reheated them for a few minutes in the toaster oven so that the bacon didn’t go soggy on me. A side of the spaghetti squash with ghee and then a little arugula with balsamic. I’m not a big salad person unless someone else makes it for me. I know! But there’s something about the way salad shops chop them up that makes them about 1000% more delicious than what I make at home. It’s also a seasonal thing for me. Most of the time I’m not feelin’ the fresh-n-crunchy greens vibe in January. It hits somewhere around March. Oh hai Spring Break!

Leftover Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs + Leftover Spaghetti Squash w Ghee + Baby Arugula w Balsamic Vinegar

I had lunch a little on the early side today. I had taken the last tired banana and made a quick banana chia pudding again, this time using my Nutpods Original flavor (which is to say no flavor added) and a small scoop of almond butter. I thought I could either have it this afternoon or tomorrow if needed. It was needed today. And for a little more heft I had a handful of plantain chips. Fine. My family was having popcorn so I had my salty-crunchy to be part of the cool kids.

Pizza night happened in my house. Again. I might not have been completely transparent about how much pizza is part of our lives! My husband is a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur. It’s his main concern about moving to the West Coast – or rather why we haven’t moved to the West Coast. Something about the water being soft and that not being good for the dough and crust and OMG. So we stay on the East Coast I guess? Cool. I was on my own for dinner tonight which was fine. I ended up taking the last of the leftover rotisserie chicken and making a Paleo version of Whole Foods’ Sonoma Chicken Salad. Remember that bit above about not wanting fresh and crunchy in January? I lied. 😜 The sweet potato half was just because it sounded good. And topped with toasted pecans? It most definitely was.

Whole Foods Sonoma Chicken Copy Cat in Lettuce Wraps + Half Roasted Sweet Potato w Ghee & Toasted Pecans

When I woke up at the crack of dawn I made 4 hard-boiled eggs with Nom Nom Paleo’s method HERE, in addition to breakfast. The banana chia pudding was a food prep too, until I ate it. So now I’m just looking ahead to the week because my kids are off of school AGAIN on Monday, AND Tuesday so I need to get my big grocery shopping trip in tomorrow. I’m lucky enough to pass a small grocery store every time I take my kids to and from school so I’m there multiple times a week, sometimes with them, and it’s fine. But to do the big haul with the good produce and proteins I go to Whole Foods, and that’s a trip I prefer to do by myself so that I can hear my own thoughts. Ya feelin’ me?!

I woke up feeling pretty crappy. And it really didn’t get better until I had a nap around 3pm. I had gone to bed late last night, knowing that I could sleep in until about 8am. Except that early bed time for my youngest meant an early rise at 6am this morning. I crossed a few more things off the To Do list and have started thinking about more dishes I’d like to make. I’m getting to bed in great time tonight so that I can make that awesome breakfast I had planned for today. Stay tuned – I’ll have a link to the most important element of the dish… Any guesses?

My digestion has been a little wonky for the last day or two and I didn’t know what was going on. I’m hopeful that I’ve survived the worst of that and can get on with it. Working out helps but with the kids home I’m going to need to either get up early or get creative. Or both.

On to Day 22 tomorrow!


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