W30 Round 2, Day 18: Baby Tiger Blood

I think a frittata or a breakfast casserole needs to get made stat. Don’t get me wrong, I clearly LOVE me some crispy fried eggs, but I kinda want something I can just reheat for a few mornings. It’s a toss-up between a butternut squash-sage number or a pesto-bacon one. I’ve made the butternut squash one and know for SURE it’s a winner. But I’m kinda feeling like something new so the pesto-bacon one may pull ahead. That one also lets me put that hard-earned bacon to good use AND I get to make pesto and have extra on hand. Ok fine, pesto-bacon frittata it is. But that’s for another day. Today it was my crispy fried eggs and those super easy breakfast potatoes I posted linked to on Day 16. Aaaaaand by the looks of it I had the exact same breakfast this morning. Huh. I guess that’s what happens when you make damn delicious, simple food. Doesn’t matter the day. Or a repeat.

Crispy Fried Eggs + Crash Hot Potatoes + Banana & Blueberries

I guess I didn’t have a snack today. Well, actually there was a good chunk of time between breakfast and my cup of coffee – that included a brutal workout I’ve included a link to below – so if I must cop to my mid-morning Nutpods lattΓ© that’s fine 😜 I met a friend for coffee about an hour later but I can’t double-down on coffee like that (makes me jittery). I ordered a mint tea, checking to make sure there were no additives and it was all good. Constantly checking labels y’all!

Why I had a lovely mint tea and was freezing afterward is still beyond me. But as I walked home, in the cold, I just couldn’t imagine eating the salmon cakes. I was starving and would have been happy to have them but I needed to inspect the freezer first to see if I could find something warm and filling to thaw and heat. GOD I love freezer diving! Hello there Chicken Tikka Masala. While that thawed in a shallow pan of hot water I cooked up a good portion of the TJ’s cauli-rice. They were out of the frozen bags they usually carry so I bought a few of their fresh cauli-rice and froze those. Mind like a steel trap πŸ˜‰ By the time the cauli-rice was finished cooking the thawed Chicken Tikka Masala was done reheating. I loved my topping on last night’s Paleo Pad Thai so I used the same combo on today’s lunch: scallions, cashews, and cilantro. I got extra fancy and toasted the cashews.πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Freezer Chicken Tikka Masala + Cauli-Rice + Scallions, Toasted Cashews, Cilantro

I ended up feeling pretty hungry around 3pm but let it sit for a bit. At 4pm I was still hungry so I grabbed a Gala apple and a large dollop of 365 Almond Butter. The only ingredient in the jar? Dry roasted almonds. Hit. The. Spot.

One of my favorite combos. Classic.

Ooooooo BACON. πŸ₯“πŸ₯“πŸ₯“ When I finally found the Wellshire Sugar-Free PALEO Dry Rubbed Bacon at Whole Foods and proceeded to stalk the Meat Department guys until they opened the box on the floor for me, I immediately knew the first thing I wanted to make with it: Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs from Diane Sanfilippo/Balanced Bites. I made this dish for the first time while we were on Cape Cod this summer and it was a hit with the whole family. It was a hit with me because you put everything on a sheet pan and in the oven it goes. To make this a little more kid-friendly I used boneless thighs and then cut the bacon slices in half to top each thigh with 2 half-slices. At the end I threw the pan under the broiler for maybe a minute and half to crisp up the bacon. Worked like a charm. I had a bag of green beans so I roasted those while the thighs cooked. Then I heated up some leftover spaghetti squash and topped it with a little ghee and a sprinkle of Primal Palate’s Adobo Seasoning. It was UNREAL you guys. This might be one of my favorite meals so far. And guess what. There are 2 bacon thighs left and I WON’T be as giving as I was with the koobideh…

Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs + Spaghetti Squash w Ghee + Roasted Green Beans

Except for the 24 brownie/rice-krispie-treat-frosted confections for my oldest’s in-class birthday celebration? Yea. That was not cool. But not a single lick or taste. I DO NOT RECOGNIZE MYSELF. As for actual meal prepping? Nothing. I have a few meals of leftovers now and tomorrow is Mexican Beef in the Instant Pot night! Woot woot! That comes together in no time flat so I’ll put that on once we get home from after school activities.

I never experienced “Tiger Blood” the first time around – I think my gut was just too screwed up – so I’m not sure what that is “supposed” to feel like. I don’t feel unstoppable now, per se, but I do feel like I got this. Like,

I got breakfast: NBD.
I got school drop off: See ya later kids.
I got this workout: Hard AF but I did it. Happily.
I got this coffee date: Mint tea? No additives? Yes please.
I got dinner: I planned it and shopped for it and we’re good.

So all of this planning and questioning, although work, becomes easier and more intuitive as I go along. And if being this strict can start to feel easier then loosening the reigns a little after January feels completely doable. It’s a fine line though, isn’t it? Letting in a little without opening the flood gates? I’m continuing to learn what works for me and it’s a constant experiment. But I’ll echo what I’m hearing in the Facebook Whole30 groups I joined: I love feeling this way so why wouldn’t I continue as closely as possible for as long as possible?

Speaking of feeling good, here’s a workout that put me on my a$$ today. Hardest WOD I’ve done since my Thanksgiving rhabdo, and it felt awesome! Awesome like after the first round I didn’t know if I could finish 4 more. It wasn’t pretty but it’s done. Check out CrossfitNYC for this workout and so many more. I loved my time there – short but full of learning. Now I’m loving lifting by myself. Focusing, modifying and listening to my body. All good things.

CrossfitNYC’s Tuesday WOD. I pulled from the ground instead of from above the knee. Just ’cause.

Tomorrow’s a rest day that includes a walk around The Reservoir with a dear friend from our kids’ nursery school days. And then maybe a nap. My kids are off of school on Monday and Tuesday (yes AGAIN). Gotta get it where I can fit it!


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  • Can go to bed now that I’ve had my daily dose of Maggie and her Whole30. All I can say is I hope this inspires you to write a book after this current mission b/c I’m certain you have a b/seller in you 😝 See you tomorrow for that walk πŸ™‚

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