W30 Round 2, Day 16: Rolling With It

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

I just watched an InstaStories on poaching an egg and was reminded of how much I LOVE Eggs Benedict. Sadly I had none of the fixins that make it worth it but I do have an EXCELLENT plan for a twist on that recipe for another time… In the meantime the Crispy Fried Eggs train showed up and I boarded. I spied the baby potatoes I didn’t think I could make for a quick breakfast but STOP. Cassy Joy Garcia JUST posted a recipe for 10-Minute Breakfast Potatoes on her Fed & Fit blog and I was IN. And you know what? These were done in LESS than 10 minutes! I love that I have another shortcut to a delicious, nutritious breakfast. Rounded out the plate with half a banana and blueberries.

Crispy Fried Eggs + Crash Hot Potatoes + Banana & Blueberries

Another late breakfast means I wasn’t hungry for a snack. If only I could get up between 7am and 8am every morning instead of 6am! Let’s see what happens this week when I’m back to the regular school schedule…

OH how grateful was I for that Whole Foods run this morning?? I just pulled a drumstick and thigh off their Simple Rotisserie Chicken and the protein part of the meal was done. I spooned up a bit of the Leftover Nom Nom Paleo-inspired Curried Cream of Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup and reheated that with the rest of the Cauliflower Mash and that was lunch. I had picked at the bird a bit while breaking it down so I ate the thigh but put the drumstick back. Super filling meal.

Whole Foods Simple Rotisserie Chicken (thigh & drumstick) + Leftover Cauliflower Mash + Leftover Curried Cream of Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup

I looked over at the 2 dark plantains I let ripen for a few days and OMG they were black. I didn’t want to waste them so I made the Maduras from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and topped them with Jacobsen Salt Co. Vanilla Bean Salt from the set I bought in Portland when my husband and I were there last October. A little goes a long way and these maduras were 💣!!! Since I didn’t have any carb-dense veggies at lunch those really hit the spot.

Coconut oil + plantains + salt = TOO EASY!

My family. God bless we love our pizza. Especially over a holiday weekend. But DAMN GUYS. Trying the new neighborhood pizza spot without me? Even though I stupidly suggested it? BRUTAL. I misjudged the timing on the delivery so I didn’t even have a protein ready to cook when the pizza got here. Which could have gone either way! It turned out to be a brilliant move because while they were killing the ‘za I was busy over at the stove prepping my meal and didn’t have to witness the mozzarella cheese stretching or the olive oil crust dipping. I don’t know if it was true or they were just trying to make me feel better but they said the pizza was just ok. Bless them. Did that make my sesame-crusted tuna steak, Brussels sprouts and butternut squash-apple soup taste any better? Kinda. This was really the first time I wanted to cheat. Because pizza is a family meal and a weekly ritual for us. Usually the kids want to get Domino’s (in NYC. The shame they bring on our family!) and I don’t mind passing on that. I am brainstorming a few ways I can partake in Pizza Night after January. We’ll have to see how Reintroduction goes so that I know where to make adjustments. Maybe I’ll feel fine with a gluten-free crust and light cheese. Or maybe I’ll need to experiment with sheep’s milk or goat milk cheeses. If it was once in awhile I might just have a slice and call it what it is. But if we’re doing this weekly then I need to make some adjustments. 

Sesame-Crusted Tuna Steak + Sautéed Brussels Sprouts + Freezer Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

Very light food prep here at home. I broke down the rotisserie chicken. That was it! I have the No-Fuss Salmon Cakes for one meal and then the chicken I can add to things along the way (helloooo new batch of mayo). The majority of prep work was meal planning and grocery shopping. Here’s what’s on tap for this week:

Paleo Pad Thai + Roasted Broccoli (Mel Joulwan)
Pressure Cooker Mexican Beef + Cauli-Rice + Salad (Nom Nom Paleo
Bacon-Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs (Balanced Bites) + Crash Hot Potatoes + Salad

The entire family went to Whole Foods today so that I could a) do the bulk of the food shopping for the week and b) secure that damn Paleo/sugar-free/Whole30-compliant bacon! EYES ON THE PRIZE GUYS. If mama wins we ALL win. I also desperately wanted a few minutes to peruse the prepared counters and see what, if any, shortcuts I could take over the next 2 weeks. A big shout out to my husband for wrangling our kids while I got. it. done.

Bacon: secured. Prepared section: perused. Photographic evidence: always.

SCORE!!! You guys have no idea how many places I called and how many outlets I exhausted for this stuff. So of COURSE I bought many packages.
These all look ok from the labels but every single one of them says “Ask a team member for full ingredients” so do your research. I will. I looked closer at the Sicilian Cauliflower and there’s parm cheese. Maybe in February 👍🏼
Fascinating to see a recipe called out as “Paleo” in America’s Test Kitchen.

I’m feeling like this way of eating is becoming routine. I don’t think about it nearly as often as I did 2 weeks ago. There’s more specific planning, but once those meals are made and I have a fridge AND freezer full of good choices? I’m golden. My digestion isn’t nearly as erratic as it was pre-Whole30. And I LOVE not feeling like I HAVE to have something sweet after every meal. That Sugar Dragon is somethin’, amiright?

I didn’t get the yoga workout in that I’d hoped for today so that kinda stunk. I ended the day with a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my chamomile tea to get ready for a busy week. What about you?

I finally remembered to put the collage peptides in my tea.


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everyone 😌


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