W30 Round 2, Day 14: SaturYAY!

Oh glorious Saturday of sleeping in while my husband has gymnastics duty, how I love thee. I knew I was going to have the leftover Spinach-Mushroom Egg Bake from Day 12 but I also knew I needed to start adding carbs to my meals. Not a ton, and not every meal, but I was running on empty there for a bit and had the headaches and overall crabiness to prove it. I’m working off of this helpful guide from Diane Sanfilippo from Practical Paleo. I’ve been wanting to make oven fries for awhile but just hadn’t gotten around to it until now. These were so easy! Wedged up 1 potato and soaked the wedges in water for maybe 10 minutes while the oven pre-heated to 450 degrees. IDK why you do that but my husband insists you HAVE to soak white potatoes or they don’t crisp up well. I patted the wedges dry, coated them in olive oil and sprinkled with salt & pepper and baked them for probably 20 minutes. I flipped them at the half way mark so that both sides were crispy and crunchy. Excellent side dish to my eggs!

Leftover Spinach-Mushroom Egg Bake + Oven Fries

No snack needed today. I ate breakfast late, and it was a big one, so I waited to eat lunch with my family.

I went the easy re-heated leftover Cauli-Fried Rice with Shrimp from Day 12 route today. It was an enormous portion but I wanted to experiment with that and see how I felt over the course of the afternoon. I usually don’t like to eat big portions for no other reason than I HATE that really full feeling, regardless of the type of waistband on my pants. Today was no different. It was hard for me to eat all of that and I was a little uncomfortable after, but it did fill me up until dinner. Well, there was a small “snack” in there.

Leftover Cauli-Fried Rice w Shrimp & Cilantro

Where did this snow come from?! Yet another “I didn’t know it was going to snow” day and here we are a few inches later. I had to take my oldest to a class and it was cold and snowing and blowing. I was definitely looking forward to the warm comfort of a Nutpods latté when I got home. It definitely hit the spot.

My husband and I totally lost track of time, or rather played the “What are we having for dinner?” game where we ask each other that question about every 10 minutes for an hour until dinner is literally upon us and we have to piece it together before our low-blood-sugar children implode (or explode, depending on which one you’re dealing with). During an earlier trip to Trader Joe’s my husband bought a big bag of mozzarella and I remembered we had a package of TJ’s parbaked pizza crusts so he and the kids made their own pizzas. I then had to come up with my dinner rather quickly. So happy I double-backed to Hu Kitchen before heading home this afternoon! I hadn’t intended to have the chicken wings tonight but it’s the NFL playoffs so it felt appropriate to eat wings while watching football. I reheated the swiss chard in a minute (get the recipe here at Nom Nom Paleo!) and then I also added the cassava strips from Hu Kitchen. I thought they’d be a little thicker and not so potato-chip like. They were great and since chips aren’t a “no brakes” food for me I ate them, and shared some with my family. But to keep closer to the Whole30, even though the ingredients are compliant, I’ll hold off on something so chip-like until February.

Hu Kitchen Organic Spicy Chicken Wings + Leftover Swiss Chard w Raisins, Pine Nuts & Porkitos + Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips
Clean clean clean! And I thought that was a decent price for prepared organic wings. I didn’t even eat the entire 1/2 lb. The hubs had a few so that’s less than $5 for the protein part of dinner. Have I lived in NYC too long if this sounds reasonable?…

Well funny thing, I’M TIRED OF COOKING. It took 2 whole weeks for me to get to this point, which I think is impressive considering how many meals I’ve been preparing. I needed to outsource a few things, for sanity’s sake. So when I was searching for a restaurant for a lunch date with girlfriends a few weeks ago I came across Hu Kitchen. It’s Paleo-friendly with more Whole30 offerings than I could imagine, plus they have kombucha on tap! They’re across the park on 3rd Avenue between 86th & 87th, which for me is pretty close. So while my oldest was at her class I picked up a few things: Salmon Cakes, Chicken Wings, Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips and Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips. These chips/strips are an easy way for me to get some carb-dense nutrition because chips aren’t a “no brakes” food for me. Not ideal but it worked in a pinch tonight. That’s not the case for everyone so do some soul-searching and see what works – and what doesn’t – for you. Going forward, post Whole30, I’ll have them with guac or a cauliflower hummus and make a mini meal out of them. I also took pics of everything I can’t wait to try after my Whole30. I’m not sure how I’ll handle baked goods – even if they’re mostly clean – but I do foresee a special Sunday morning Paleo muffin on my plate in February 😍

Hu Kitchen even displayed the Whole30 Cookbook at checkout! All of these items, minus the chocolate, are made with Whole30 compliant ingredients but some clearly fall under the “treat” or SWYPO category. Happy to know they exist so I can grab a bite or two in February!

Remember how I felt like crap yesterday? I upped my water intake over the last 24 hours, got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and added in some carb-dense veggies. I had a sweet potato at dinner last night and oven fries at breakfast this morning and I’m feeling SO. MUCH. BETTER. I’m not sure if it’s as simple as that but it’s what worked for me today. Tomorrow is usually my meal planning day but the 3-day weekend might throw a monkey wrench into that. I like to do my grocery shopping alone and in peace (um, who doesn’t?!) and that’s almost always Monday mornings when everyone’s at work (job and school). We’ll see how this plays out but regardless I’m going to work at planning more balanced meals. It seems to work better for me.

And bonus – I even got to do something for myself today. When I took my oldest to the class on the Upper East Side this afternoon it didn’t make sense to go home only to turn right back around for pick up an hour later. So I played on the UES today! First I headed east back to Central Park and thought I’d finish the podcast I was over halfway through and just get a good brisk walk in. I ended up logging a little over 2 miles in 45 minutes. I have a harder time getting to 10K steps on the weekends but I ended the day at 13,000+ steps. Sa-weet.

In addition to meal planning I’m going to start scheduling a few workouts per week. Like putting them in my calendar like I did when I was at my CrossFit gym. I almost always get in at least 3 workouts but I want to be mindful of what I’m doing. Strength training, stretching, and cardio. If I right it down, much like my meals, I’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not; where there holes are and how I can fill them.

Tomorrow’s Day 15 which means I’m almost half way there! How did that happen?! ☺️


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