W30 Round 2, Day 13: Carb Me!

Crispy fried eggs for the win! And I had no veg – AGAIN – so quick thinking and I cooked up a good amount of the Trader Joe’s bag of shaved Brussels sprouts in ghee and seasoned with Primal Palate’s Adobo Seasoning. Sooo good. I got the eggs just right with that crunch at the bottom, fully cooked whites, and runny yolks.

Crispy Fried Eggs + Sautéed Shaved Brussels Sprouts w Balsamic Vinegar

I’m kinda obsessed with this “to snack or not to snack” question of my Whole30. I was clicking around last night and read something on Real Food with Dana that resonated. When you feel like a snack it’s helpful to determine whether it’s a craving or real hunger. If you feel like you could have REAL food, like a steak and veggies, then you’re hungry. If not – if you just want a little something – it’s probably a craving. This helped me tremendously today between breakfast and lunch. I just listened to my body for the first time in awhile. I ate breakfast at 7am and then at 10am I was getting a little hungry. My last errand was a few things at Whole Foods, specifically the olive bar. I wasn’t hungry enough for a meal so I just popped a few olives and waited until I got home to have lunch, around 12:45pm. Maybe a craving but I know myself well enough to know that I make total crap decisions when I’m starving and traffic is unpredictable. I’m glad I had the olives.

Whole Foods olive bar picks.

OH, this Swiss chard number. Maybe 6 months ago I picked up a bunch of Swiss chard because it was beautiful and I was curious. I’d just thought I’d figure it out. A quick recipe search led me right to Nom Nom Paleo’s Swiss Chard with Raisins, Pine Nuts, and Porkitos and whaddya know, I have those ingredients on hand almost always. YOU MUST MAKE THIS. By far the tastiest way I’ve ever had Swiss chard and really, the way I make it 95% of the time. It was time to make a dent in the leftover chicken satay and almond butter sauce so that rounded out the meal.

Leftover Chicken Satay w Almond Butter Sauce + Swiss Chard w Pine Nuts, Raisins, and Porkitos

I realized that I hadn’t had any carbs all day and I was starting to feel like crap. I was going to eat later than usual again so I had two big handfuls of plantain chips to make up for my carb deficit and to get some fat. I started to feel better pretty quickly. Is that even possible? No, I didn’t feel like having a meal and no, I didn’t round out the snack with protein because much like this morning, I just needed something to tide me over. I might not be a no-snacks person. That’s cool.

The bone broth I pulled from the freezer a few days ago needed to get put to use. I had planned on making a soup with it but I didn’t feel like doing that much hands-on work. HELLO INSTANT POT. Sautéed some leeks and onion with salt on the “Sauté” function with the lid off; added minced garlic, a chopped Macintosh apple, a 16oz bag of frozen broccoli, half of a 16oz bag of frozen cauliflower, and about 3 cups of bone broth, put the lid on and turned it to the “Soup” function for 8 minutes. I let the pressure release naturally and then I added 2 teaspoons of curry powder, about a 1/2 cup of coconut milk, and a few glugs of fish sauce. Stick blended it to finish. This is a riff on another Nom Nom Paleo recipe for Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup and lucky you, it’s free on her website too!!! Friday the 13th ain’t got nothin’ on your luck 😉 I selflessly gave my husband the leftover koobideh (😭) but didn’t want to do the chicken satay again. Freezer protein to the rescue. A Bilinski’s wild mushroom chicken sausage thawed quickly and I sautéed it in ghee. And all this time I was roasting sweet potatoes in the oven. Easy peasy.

Bilinski’s Wild Mushroom Chicken Sausage + Curried Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup + Baked Sweet Potato

Nothing. I could barely get dinner on the table I was so beat from the week. Well that’s not true – when I was making a baked sweet potato for tonight’s dinner I threw in the other one I had so that it’d be ready to eat this weekend. I know, I should sit down after that exertion.

I woke up with a headache and it hung around, with varying intensity, all day! I was listening to an episode of the Harder to Kill podcast by Steph Gaudreau and the topic was food f*ck ups. (Seriously, the name of the episode is “Food F*ck Ups.” I’m not just having a belligerent moment.) She and her husband were talking about how protein is the fulcrum of the fats & carbs see-saw. DUH. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING. I looked back at my meals today and WHERE ARE THE CARBS. This is winter for the love! Where is the squash and the root veg and WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS. So yea, some tweaks to the plate need to be made as I start to round the corner into the second half of this project. That could help with my snacking and headaches. So bush league over here!

I legit need sleep tonight before we go into a 3-day weekend. G’nite!


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