W30 Round 2, Day 10: Advocate, Don’t Isolate

As I was falling asleep last night, dead tired, I realized that 1) I wasn’t sure what I was going to have for breakfast in the morning and 2) I forgot to brush my teeth. This is probably where you thought I was going to write “So I hopped out of bed and scrubbed my pearly whites.” But no. I remembered the leftover half of the Kitchen Sink Frittata I had in the fridge and with that peace of mind I just fell asleep. I’m so gross…I reheated that in the toaster oven, discovered a lone piece of overcooked bacon in the fridge, and dished up some cantaloupe and blueberries. THEN I gave my teeth an extra good brushing. We were even on time (re: early per my oldest’s school arrival standards) for school today!

Leftover Kitchen Sink Frittata + Bacon + Cantaloupe & Blueberries

I knew I was going to have lunch on the early side today so I didn’t need a snack. When tennis was over at 11am I was fine but by the time we sat down at 11:30am I was ready to eat.

Tuesday Tennis Holiday Lunch! We always do this after the actual holidays because we’re all basically running around like chickens with our heads cut off during the month of December. We’ve done Oyster Bar and Cipriani Dolci, both in Grand Central, and today we went back to Oyster Bar. PERFECT! I called the restaurant yesterday and spoke with the hostess about my current dietary restrictions. She wasn’t terribly helpful but she was very nice and suggested my server would be the best person to talk to at the time we were dining. My tennis group knows all about my Whole30 so they knew I’d need some time with the server and they were totally cool with it. When we sat down I let the server know what I was avoiding (sugar, dairy and gluten, to name a few) and that if a cooking oil was needed that it be olive oil and not soybean oil or canola if possible. He assured me olive oil was totally doable and actually not a big deal at all. We all usually order a cocktail at this meal, and several did, but I ordered a seltzer with a splash of cranberry and a lime wedge. As soon as I took a sip of the bev I could tell it was cranberry “cocktail” – though it didn’t occur to me to ask. What is it with me and zoning out on drinks?! I did send it back after that initial sip and just got a seltzer water with a lime wedge. The delicious bread basket came but I passed. Now to order the meal.

I had initially thought I’d get the broiled branzino but the menu item turned out to be an entire fish on the bone. M’kay. But no. Our server suggested the sea bass. I knew I’d like that fish minimally dressed as well, like a branzino. So I ordered the broiled sea bass cooked only in olive oil, with veggies (including garlic & shallots) cooked only in olive oil, and the steamed potato served plain (naked), with a lemon wedge on the side. YOU GUYS. It was so so good. It was also a ton of food so I ate all of the veggies and one fillet of the fish. The other fillet is for lunch tomorrow. I already have an idea for that one…

Broiled Sea Bass + Sautéed Green Beans, Zucchini and Summer Squash + Steamed Potatoes w Lemon Wedge

Although lunch was delicious it’s unclear whether the heat was on at Oyster Bar. When I got home I was so cold I couldn’t function so I made a cup of Stash Peppermint tea and it brought me back to room temperature. I checked the tea bag label because of all the weird stuff going on with my beverage intake lately and all checked out 👍🏼

Stash Peppermint Tea. Ingredients? Peppermint Leaves. As it should be!

After an early lunch I knew I was going to need a little something this afternoon. I ignored the quiet hunger for a bit but then it was of course roaring when I needed to go pick up the kids. So on the walk to get them I had a mini Apple Pie Lärabar and that’s all I needed. Not a treat. Hunger on the run. When we got back home I had a handful of grapes and then went on to cook dinner.

I love the mini version of these bars! It’s really just enough when you want a nibble.

Well this was an interesting one. The kids had requested Chicken on a Stick, which is their name for Danielle Walker’s Chicken Satay with “Peanut” Sauce from her first cookbook Against All Grain. Family staple. I had the chicken marinating but I completely forgot about a veg. I can always throw spinach leaves on a plate and the kids are good with their dressing of choice, as am I. But I wanted something more substantial and the most reasonable candidate was the head of cauliflower. I was going to steam it but I was feeling SUPER lazy and didn’t want to break it down into florets. I mean, really. How early can I crawl in to bed tonight? And can’t you just steam an entire head of cauliflower and have it not take FOREVER? Oh hey there Instant Pot… It took 8 minutes guys. But it wasn’t just steamed. It was fall apart smooth like buttah. So I went with it and turned it into a cauliflower mash with onion powder, garlic powder, salt & pepper. It didn’t even need coconut milk or ghee it was that silky. I did end up with spinach leaves on the plate for…COLOR! Ok, and nutrition. But mostly color. And lest we forget about the accompanying almond butter sauce for the chicken. I could lick the bowl it’s that good. There was a decent amount leftover so that will be my snack tomorrow – if I need one – with carrot sticks and snap peas.

Chicken Satay w Almond Butter Sauce + Cauliflower Mash + Spinach w Balsamic Vinegar

The Chicken Satay takes a good 6+ hours to marinate so I got that going before I left for tennis this morning. Clearly the cauliflower was a prep-then-cook situation. And then I pulled the 2 boxes of frozen spinach I thawed in the fridge and squeezed it dry. Back into the fridge because I’m exhausted tonight and have time to make…wait for it…THE SPINACH-MUSHROOM EGG BAKE!!! TOMORROW! I know. I’m just as excited as you are.

Plot twist: I might not make everything I planned for this week because I always forget to account for leftovers. We have a full fridge and it’s only Tuesday night! We can eat off of that until at least Thursday afternoon. My husband’s back tomorrow night and I promised him and the kids Kabob Koobideh from the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook for Thursday’s dinner so that’s DEFINITELY happening. Can’t wait!

I’m feeling pretty awesome for nailing lunch. I literally ate out ONCE for ONE meal during my last Whole30 because I was so scared of screwing up, so this is major progress. And I think it’s good to eat out at least a few times during these 30 days.
1. You see where your stumbling blocks may have been in the past (Hello bread basket!).
2. It highlights all of the choices you make in a meal and all of the preparations to consider. I usually don’t like to make special requests or be too picky when I’m eating out. But imma be high maintenance AF right now and not think anything of it.
3. Doing the Whole30 on your own can be really isolating for a stay-at-home mom like me. It’s good to get out and be social, even if it’s for tea instead of coffee because drinking it black? I’m just not there yet. But not seeing friends for a meal for 30 days? NO ONE WANTS TO GET THERE. EVER.
And lastly,
4. One of the biggest takeaways of this program for me is it forces you to be your own advocate. Whether that’s in a restaurant or in your own home. You do you! Now, and beyond the 30 days.

In totally unrelated news I’m officially sick of myself for my inability to get to bed before 11pm. The freedom of my kids in bed and the promise of quiet time in the evening is INTOXICATING. I don’t even have music going as I write this. Just the gentle clack of pre-war building heat. But enough with my night owl shenanigas. Tonight I’ve cleaned the kitchen, gotten this blog post up, and tidied up a bit. I’m literally posting this and sackin’ out.

Love you hair, hope you win!


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