W30 Round 2, Day 7: Truckin’ Along

Holy hell that alarm came fast. I went to bed later than I wanted last night after a VERY full day. But my husband had a very full WEEK, so I let him sleep in this morning while I took the youngest to gymnastics. I just can’t handle the after-school scene during the week. As with most things in the city, there’s never enough room. It’s a fabulous facility that’s enormous by NYC standards but multiple classes of kids trying to change into their leotards – in the winter? NO. You’d find me rocking in a corner sucking my thumb. So off-peak it is! 😉  The only thing that kept me going this morning was the promise of that Nutpods latté when I got home. But back to breakfast. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to make myself a meal before the class but the alternative was not eating until close to 10am. Yikes! I also thought I might be able to stop into Whole Foods and hit their breakfast buffet when I went to return the car to the parking garage nearby but I did zero research. Pass. Learned that lesson the hard way yesterday, amiright? After making my little one an egg I quickly made myself two scrambled eggs in ghee and tossed some Penzey’s Sunny Paris Seasoning in it to mix it up. While that was cooking I reheated the last of the braised kale and carrots and cut up the last of the strawberries. Breakfast came together rather quickly and I love that I ate through the kale. Time to cook up a new morning green. I’m eyeing a few, but any suggestions? I’m all ears.

Scrambled Eggs w Sunny Paris Seasoning + Leftover Braised Kale & Carrots + Strawberries

I counted the minutes at gymnastics to when I could come home and make my latté. I finished the French Vanilla-flavored Nutpods container with that serving so I think I’ll try the hazelnut next. I didn’t have a daily cup of coffee pre-Whole30 because I was adding butter and MCT oil to make it palatable without added sugar and knew I needed to pace myself. But with this homemade blended coffee bev I only use coffee and the Nutpods so I’m not as worried about overloading my system with straight oil. (Yes, I’m aware nuts contain a high amount of fat but it doesn’t seem to affect me the way a straight tablespoon of butter PLUS MCT oil to the gut does.)

I forgot I pulled a bag of this Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili by The Real Food Dietitians out of the freezer the other night so yep, that’s lunch. It’s INCREDIBLE. So delicious even the kids like it so that in and of itself makes it my go-to chili recipe. I cooked up package of Whole30-compliant bacon to 1) sprinkle on that 2) make TheWholeSmith’s Bacon Ranch and 3) nibble. I used a splatter screen to cook it and that meant I couldn’t see it which means it was WELL DONE. 😩 Like if you touch it the bacon strip disintegrates. NBD. It’ll still add flavor as a bacon powder! 😜 I added a big dollop of coconut milk to the chili for fat and a handful of plantain chips on the side for some carbs. Those were great dippers too.

Freezer Pumpkin Chili w Coconut Milk, Bacon & Scallions + Plantain Chips

After lunch my husband needed to work on the computer for a bit so I took the kids out to Central Park to play in our new snow-covered wonderland. I mean, I didn’t even know we were supposed to get a good snow storm today. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I thought it’d be another dusting, but we got several inches! So we pulled on the snow bibs and snow boots and trekked through the park making snow angels and throwing snowballs. By us I mean them. I don’t have a pair of waterproof gloves OR snow pants yet. #NEresidentfail. For shame.

Snowy Saturday fun in Central Park

Almost 2 hours later we headed back in but not before stopping at Dunkin Donuts to get the kids a hot chocolate to split. The whole time we were outside I was looking forward to a cup of that coconut-vanilla rooibos tea from Alice’s Teacup I picked up on Thursday. The kids and I worked up a bit of an appetite for snack time so I had a big wedge of apple and a packet of THIS little cashew butter number from Artisana Organics. Found it at Whole Foods on my latest trip and thought I’d give it a try. Delicious. And a nice nut butter packet to throw into the rotation. I love Justin’s nut butters and have a few of their plain almond butter packets. But the honey almond, vanilla almond, and chocolate hazelnut packets I have stocked will have to wait. *sigh*

Did my research before I bought it, but checked again before it went in my mouth.

The husband ordered pizza for himself and the kids so I was on my own. Which was fine. I had planned on making my very favorite Cauli-Fried Rice with the shaved steak from Trader Joe’s I picked up the other day. But we’re out of carrots. And I could have forged ahead, but I’m really trying to pack in the veggies where I can and I wanted carrots in my fried rice so I reassessed. A bag of haricot vert from Trader Joe’s and 3 sweet potatoes, 1 of which looked like it had a day left. Add in some Primal Palate Organic Spices and I can work with that.

The potatoes went in the oven first, poked with holes and wrapped in foil, to roast while I caught up with one sister on her drive from KS back to TX. Then the haricot vert went in the oven with with some coconut oil, salt, and a generous sprinkle of Primal Palate’s Adobo Seasoning. And finally the shaved steak went in the cast iron with salt and a generous sprinkle of Primal Palate’s Meat & Potatoes Seasoning. Plated it up and topped the potato with a dollop of chilled coconut milk and a shake of the ground cinnamon. Yes, it can really be that easy and still taste freaking delicious. Plus, LEFTOVERS.

Shaved Beef + Roasted Haricot Verts + Baked Sweet Potato w Chilled Coconut Milk & Cinnamon
These these these. And there are at least 5 more seasoning blends on my Must Get list!

No food prep! I don’t count cooking a meal as “prepping” but tonight it did yield leftovers, so I’m kinda coming up roses either way. Tomorrow morning I’m doing the other kind of prep work: recipe pulling and grocery list making. It’s going to be crazy cold until Wednesday so I don’t think a chicken salad from the fridge is going to cut it. On the docket this week I’m thinking Bacon Ranch, Cauli Fried Rice w Steak, Kahlua Pig, Salmon en Papillote or Glazed Salmon, Broccoli-Cauliflower Soup, and finally that Spinach-Mushroom Egg Bake. Hmm, after going back and reading that it sounds like an incredible amount of food. I’ll regroup in the morning. And when I decide what I’m making I’ll include a recipe and/or link if possible.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to let go of my mid-afternoon snack habit. It’s a habit formed out of necessity and I’m eating clean foods so I’m kinda not caring. Is that bad? The way my day is usually laid out I feel like I eat breakfast at 6:30am, lunch at 12:30pm, and dinner around 6:30pm. Without a small snack between meals that would be 6 hours without food and me no likes. I’ll continue to take it day-by-day and see what happens.

Important milestones for myself: I successfully ate out on the Whole30! Even though I inadvertently had an additive in the iced tea (yep, still aggravated about that one) I count this outing as a success. During my first round of the Whole30 I think I ate 1 meal out. ONE. When you’re having at least 3 meals per day for 30 days – that’s 90 meals y’all. I’m definitely learning and making strides. And the second milestone is that I didn’t have a slice of cake at the birthday party I took my youngest to. I’m ALWAYS in for a “free” slice of cake. But it’s not really free, is it? Again, progress.

Otherwise, all’s good. I’ve already finished an entire week on my 2nd Whole30! Time flies. I can’t even tell you how much easier this round is compared to my first one a few years ago. Tomorrow I’m going to do a “Week in Review” in addition to my regular post so look out for those. Sweet dreams!


ps: Nope. Didn’t get to bed when I planned again. But it’s my morning to sleep in tomorrow so I’m getting the hours! Routine to follow.

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