W30 Round 2, Day 6: New Focus

We woke up to snow this morning! A light dusting that was gone by the time I got back from drop off. But still.🌨❄️ Waking up to that made me want something warm and comforting. I needed to finish up the braised kale & carrots AND the bone broth so I warmed up a quick soup. Easy. And because I needed some protein and healthy fats in there I made my crispy eggs with ghee. We left in a hurry again but I had time to eat my entire breakfast today. #progress

Crispy Fried Eggs + Braised Kale & Carrot Soup

A cuppa. My new fave coffee jam. Nutpods + coffee, blended to latté perfection. And a CHOMP stick. Grassfed beef jerky. That is all.

Holy system breakdown. Why is the post office the place where everything good goes to die? And NYC post offices. Wow. They attract a certain kind of crazy. The kind that openly talk about the idiocy of the situation to anyone who dares make eye contact. The kind who beg for camaraderie, knowing they have a captive audience. Which is why I always walk in to the post office with my headphones in my ears, zoning out to a podcast or playlist until it’s my turn, letting the crazy find someone, ANYONE else. I went to mail 1, ONE, package and hand to God, AN HOUR LATER that package was mailed. I will say that the postal worker who helped me was lovely. Thank you for being a bright spot in an otherwise unpleasant situation! I had brought my Bloomie’s return with me for after what should have been a 10-minute errand but would now be a crosstown-during-the-lunch-hour trip. And I waited too long to eat again. GAH! Pair that with the crosstown cab ride and I was nauseated for the rest of the afternoon. The return at Bloomie’s took less than 10 minutes and then I was back in a cab en route to the parking garage to get the car for our trip to the ‘burbs tonight. I had PLENTY of time to think about what I was going to have for lunch so when I got back to the apartment at 1pm I dropped everything in the entryway and ran to the kitchen. Boston lettuce topped with sliced avocado topped with leftover salmon salad. Finished the bag of carrots and grabbed a large handful of plantain chips. Threw this meal together in 5 minutes and ate it in less. DELISH.

Smoked Salmon Salad Wraps w Avocado + Carrot Sticks + Plantain Chips

I tried to hold out but I didn’t want the nausea to come back. And I knew my oldest and I were going to be having dinner within 2 hours so I just needed a nibble to tide me over. On the way to the suburban birthday party I remembered my stash of mini Lärabars in my luggage handbag. I discovered these combo boxes at Target a few months ago. I love the Cashew Cookie/Apple Pie box (both flavors are Whole30 compliant) and the husband and kids like the Peanut Butter Cookie/Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip box (neither Whole30 compliant, but delicious nonetheless!). But look at THIS little ditty from Amazon.com! ALL of these flavors are Whole30 compliant! Getchasome.

Feelin’ snacky w this Whole30-compliant little number.

So for the birthday party in Westchester tonight I thought it’d be fun to take BOTH kids out of the city, drop one kid at the party and then take the other one out to dinner. Friday night date night with my first born. YAY! Dinner out on the Whole30. ACK! I researched restaurants in the area and then remembered how easy it was to have a burger when you’re out and doing a Whole30. One quick search and HOLY HELL THERE’S A MOOYAH IN DOWNTOWN LARCHMONT! I can’t even you guys. We go to Mooyah at least once, if not twice, every time we visit my sister and her family in Texas. My date was ecstatic about the whole situation tonight and I was relieved that I could eat clean and enjoy the one-on-one time.

Mooyah Iceburger w Tomato & Raw Onion + Sweet Potato Fries

We went on the early side of the dinner hour so there was no line and therefore no one behind us that I would be holding up with my menu questions. Again, I’d done a lot of research prior to this but I wanted to hear it to make sure I was working with the most current information. The cashier happened to be the manager and was MORE than happy to answer all of my questions. In fact, I told her I was doing my second Whole30 and she said she had several friends doing the same! She was happy to help me with my choices: Iceburger + Sweet Potato Fries. Their 80/20 patties are cooked straight up on the flat-top. No added oil/fat. Their sweet potato fries are hand cut. And sprinkled with spices. No breading, no MSG. And they’re cooked in pure canola oil. I’m not making a habit out of canola oil on this Whole30 but it’s the best I could do tonight and that’s pretty good. Thanks again Heather at Mooyah Larchmont!

But WHAT IN THE EVER-LOVING Coca-Cola. 😡 I thought I’d break up the water routine and get an unsweetened iced tea tonight. What could be not-Whole30 about tea bags and water? So I’m feeling kind of awesome that my ENTIRE MEAL was Whole30 compliant. Like EVERYTHING that went into my mouth, as I sip the last of my unsweetened iced tea. And then my stomach sinks. Quick Google search and CRAP. I find out AFTER I down a 20-oz. fountain-style Gold Peak Unsweetened Iced Tea (you know, from the huge carafe next to the carbonated syrup water) that they list “caramel color” as an ingredient. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU USING CARAMEL COLOR IN YOUR ICED TEA? For me it’s not enough to start over – I read THIS article from Whole30.com – but I’m really unhappy. TEACHABLE MOMENT: This was an excellent reminder for me to be diligent in reading labels and thorough in my research. I’m careful when it comes to grocery shopping and home cooking but this got me. Water when eating out. Lesson learned.

So about that whole researching thing. TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME. Clearly, after tonight…

My best tip for research and eating out on the Whole30 is to make time to call the restaurant the day you’re planning to go. If you want the best information don’t call at 12:30pm in the middle of the lunch rush and expect their full, undivided attention to what will probably be your numerous questions. Call around say 3-4pm, after lunch and before the dinner crowd. You might get to talk to a cook or someone who prepares the food, but regardless you’ll have the most current information. And don’t be afraid to get specific. It’s your right to know what’s going into your body.

Nothing. Fri-yay!

Ok. This going to bed past 11am thing has to stop. THAT is my new focus. I’m drinking water like crazy and moving my body and cooking up a storm and lovin’ up on my husband and kids and calling my parents & sisters and getting my morning routine groove back but MOTHER OF PEARL I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE. I LOVE TO BOOGIE. I mean, when the kids go to bed?! God love ’em but the quiet is intoxicating. That’s my time to blog and read and hysterically laugh/gasp with my husband at The Mick (which is by far the best new show on TV right now. DVR it right now. You’re welcome.) But I need to shut. it. DOWN. Like lights off by 10pm…AT THE VERY LEAST. On weekdays my alarm goes off at 6:02am – 2 more minutes, just for fun – so if lights are out at 10pm I’m barely getting 8 hours a night. I do best with between 8-9 hours of sleep a night. With kids and a family that’s a pipe dream. But I need to keep the dream alive. Fight the good fight. So it’s time to make some adjustments and I’m glad I’ve been shown that here. I start tomorrow night.

Other than the above rants I can’t believe it’s already Day 6. You guys. I’M DOIN’ IT! I was talking to my dad this morning and he and my stepmom are doing a Whole30 this month too. We were comparing notes and I realized that I don’t miss food items as much as I miss ingredients. Like I don’t miss a cookie right now, I miss grated parm on my soup. I don’t miss cheesecake, ok maybe a little, but I do miss honey in my tea. Again, #progress 😉

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Tomorrow is a new day. Without commercial iced tea…


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