W30 Round 2, Day 5: Fog Lifting

God bless. We were due a morning like today’s. First day back to school and the kids are tired but excited to see their friends. Second day back and they’re moving a bit slower. Third day we’re ALL wishing school started at 10am… We haven’t done laundry in a few days which means it will take me weeks to catch up 😜. To hedge that scenario I started a load right when I woke up. That way the washer was finished before we left and I could load the dryer right before we walked out the door. Clothes are ready to fold when I get back from drop-off. YAS. Except I apparently washed ALL of the youngest kid’s non-color leggings and colored leggings are THE WORST and WHY WOULD I DO THAT?! I’m a monster. 😒 So while my breakfast looks gorgeous I had to talk that kid down from the ledge about the leggings situation which means I had about 2 minutes to just wolf down what I could before running all of us out the door to school. I didn’t have the fruit until I got back AFTER another little grocery stop, after drop-off. I usually just make fried eggs but I saw Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo making crispy fried eggs on her IG Stories and I’m full-on addicted to the bubbles and crunch and runny yolks. The veg was all leftovers so I warmed that up and topped it with the eggs. Done.

Crispy Fried Eggs Over Leftover Brussels Sprouts & Sweet Potato Toast + Bananas & Blueberries

It’s not really a snack but it wasn’t part of my breakfast meal either. And it was TOO GOOD not to mention in its own section! One thing I knew I was going to miss on this Whole30 was my Bulletproof-ish morning coffee. I don’t have that daily but I do enjoy it probably 3 times a week. I saw a recipe on TheWholeSmiths.com for a Whole30 Latte and I tweaked it a bit for what I had on hand. Enter non-dairy coffee creamer nutpods, which is almond milk + coconut milk and absolutely Whole30 approved. OMG. I don’t think I’ll go back to my old coffee! I had a sneaking feeling that the dairy in the butter was messing with me (that much fat at once, minus a gall bladder…) but I REALLY didn’t have any other way to enjoy coffee without a sweetener. I only wish I had a glass mug to show you the froth on this bad boy. The blender version will have to do for now. It was at least an inch thick. So awesome. And I realize this is more a process than a recipe but it’s there in case you want to Pin it or print it.


Nutpods Latté

You won’t believe that this came from your own kitchen and not a fancy coffeehouse. A clean brew? That’s Whole30-compliant? And you can enjoy it on even the busiest of mornings? YES PLEASE.

  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving


  • 10 oz. brewed coffee
  • 1/4 cup Nutpods non-dairy creamer in flavor of choice


Add coffee and Nutpods to your blender and blend for 20-30 seconds. Wait until froth forms on top. Carefully pour into an oversized mug. Enjoy!

Time to kill that shredded chicken. I saw Skinnytaste’s IG Story last night and she was prepping 2 slow cooker chicken dishes for a TV spot she was doing today. The first was a chicken burrito bowl, and after just doing a Chipotle bowl plus leftovers I’m just not feeling that right now. But the second was buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. Hmm 🤔. That’s a good way for me to put more of that homemade mayo to use with another serving of homemade ranch-style dressing AND the Boston lettuce I picked up the other day. We have Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce and while it’s OK-ish it does have canola oil, xantham gum and something called “Natural Butter Type Flavor.” I knew I could do better, and I was going to the store anyway. I needed my favorite clean wing sauce, Tessamae’s Mild Buffalo Sauce, so I headed to Whole Foods to get that along with a few things the girls wanted. But WHAT THE DEUCE WHOLE FOODS?! Lots of Tessamae’s dressings, which was good to see, but no precious buffalo sauce. ARGH. A quick search online and it turns out Frank’s Red Hot Original is Whole30 approved and since I’ve never had it I picked up the little bottle. We LOVE Frank’s Buffalo Sauce so I imagine it’s delicious but I wanted to make sure. I have to say it was a lot thinner than I had expected – more like Chohula sauce. I used quite a bit of Franks’s Original but in an effort to be completely transparent I used one healthy splash of Frank’s Buffalo to give it some body. I read THIS and felt OK about it for this one time, while I go on the hunt for a bottle. Or two… I heated the chicken, added the sauce, mixed up the dressing, put it all together and thoroughly the wraps! I also had a bowl of sweet potato soup to add a little more to the meal so that it kept me full until dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Homemade Ranch + Leftover Butternut Squash Soup

When Thursday rolls around I like to go ahead and work through the leftovers as much as possible. Tomorrow I’m taking one kid out to dinner while the one is at a birthday party so we got down on the leftover Chicken Tikka Masala. The kids were happy with the chicken and leftover Brussels sprouts. For my dinner I sautéed the leftover mushrooms from the bolognese and half of a red onion I found and added the leftover cauli-rice/bell pepper mix and the leftover Brussels sprouts. That served as the base for the chicken. Topped it with a generous dollop of coconut milk and cilantro. SO GOOD.

Leftover Chicken Tikka Masala + Leftover Veggies (Mushrooms, Red Onion, Bell Peppers, Cauli Rice, Brussels Sprouts)

Since we’re at the “eat through the leftovers” part of the week I didn’t have anything to prep really. I’ll have the leftover smoked salmon salad tomorrow for lunch and then out to dinner. But I was thinking about fruit and what I could have after dinner on those nights I want a little something sweet. Enter frozen grapes. This is one of our favorite summer sweet treats, so why not winter? Washed these and put them on a plastic-wrapped small jelly roll pan before I left for school pick up. By the time we got home for dinner they were ready. I forgot how awesome these little guys are. Like individual fruit sorbets. Totally worth stocking (and restocking…) your freezer with these!

How about them grapes 😍

Minor confession: I did NOT get that bath in last night. Didn’t want y’all thinking I was soooo on top of life that I was sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of sparkling water, giggling at my good fortune. Kids who can’t sleep, specifically the one who refuses to pull a tooth that’s literally hanging by a string 🤢 but is freaked out that it’ll fall out when they’re sleeping and end up swallowing it 🙄, and a husband who’s up early and working late means my people needed me and I needed them more than I needed that bath last night. And that’s just fine. The afternoon nap was enough awesome for the day!

My yoga studio today. Yep, tree’s still up. DON’T JUDGE ME.

This morning I woke up with a headache that subsided once I had some water and really got moving. I’m liking how little I miss the things I thought I would. I thought my biggest craving would be for something sweet – like refined sugar or simple carbs – and while it’s not totally gone I’m satisfied right now with a few dates or a banana. Or those frozen grapes! My workout today was walking 20 blocks with 25 lbs. of groceries. I KID! Kinda. I intended to do the 21-Day Fix Yoga Fix because the biggest thing to come out of my fitness assessment yesterday was that I need to work on my mobility. But for some reason the Xbox wasn’t having it, even after a software update, so I did the next best thing and actually found an excellent YouTube yoga class called Morning Yoga for Hip Flexibility & Energy by Yoga with Kassandra. I haven’t done yoga in what feels like ages so this was a nice little ditty to again, ease back into it. Get the kinks out. She has a great channel – lots of options – and I’m looking forward to trying more of her classes. So taking the time for a yoga sesh was my gift to me today. And the Whole30 Cookbook that arrived in the mail. Straight up cookbook addict.

I have some reading to do before bed so until tomorrow. 😴


2 thoughts on “W30 Round 2, Day 5: Fog Lifting”

  • Hey from Kansas! Reading every word intently! Inspired. So many questions, but I’ll start with just a couple. I’ll start by saying…Im not a techy! As you say…DONT JUDGE ME! 🙂 I think (hoping) you’re listing your recipes somewhere? I can’t find them. Help.

    Why aren’t you doing your bullet coffee during Whole30? I’m a day behind you and, although i don’t drink coffee, I have my own version using tea. I add a buttload of stuff to mine. Tea, beet powder, cumin, cacao, cinnamon, sprinkle of blk peppa, sprinkle of matcha tea, coconut oil, ghee, splash of pasture raised half and half (I know. I know. Nutpod ordered), chia seed. I LOVE this concoction. Is it not paleo approved?

    Also, where do you go to find out if something’s paleo approved?
    K, nuf for now!
    LOVE the blog! Keep it up! I’m eating it Up! Me

    • Hey girl! I was literally clicking around the site trying to figure out how to organize the recipes – now that I have a few! I’ve updated the site so that you now have a RECIPES tab in the navigation menu on the top. Right now the recipes are listed in by the title of the post and the order in which they’ve been posted. I’d love feedback as to what would be helpful. Would it be easier to see them listed in alphabetical order? Do you care about the title of the post, or just the title of the recipe?

      My version of a Bulletproof coffee includes butter. Which is dairy. Which is not a Whole30 compliant food group. Some people tolerate dairy just fine – this is one of the benefits of the program. Eliminating common food sensitivities for 30 days and then reintroducing to see how they make you feel. For information on the specifics of a Paleo lifestyle I’ve found cookbooks to be my best resource. It’s not that I don’t care about the science behind it, my mind just does not process science talk as easily. If you had one easy-to-read book I’d recommend Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. Information dense but easy to digest. And she just put out a 2nd edition of the wildly popular book. I also found the cookbook Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam to be super helpful in Yes/No/Maybe lists.

      Thanks for the blog love! I’m enjoying it. Good luck – comment away!

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