W30 Round 2, Day 2: Partly Cloudy

Another egg dish because I absolutely LOVE eggs in the morning. I’m guessing most every breakfast will be some variation of eggs with veggies. This morning it was 2 eggs scrambled over a few slices of sweet potato toast. I made the “toast” in the toaster oven while I got the kids’ breakfasts on the table. When I was cutting up strawberries for them I saved some for me and mixed in a handful of blueberries. That first bite of those berries. DAYUM. It reminded me of summer and the 4th of July! We must have these berries a lot during that holiday weekend…

Two Eggs Scrambled Over Sweet Potato Toast + Avocado + Berries

I needed to start eating that chicken I prepped on Sunday. I haven’t been to the store to get a head of Boston lettuce to make lettuce cups so… SOUP! I grabbed the braised kale & carrots and bone broth and added the chicken to make a quick soup. I also chopped up one of the leftover sweet potato toasts from this morning to add a little more heft and some sweetness. My husband cut up an apple and offered me half. So I took it 😉

Braised Kale & Carrot Soup with Chicken & Sweet Potato

The soup was a lot more filling than I expected but 12:30pm-6:30pm is still too long of a stretch for me to not eat. I had a Cashew Cookie Lärabar and a Coconut LaCroix and that hit the spot until dinner. I know snacking is frowned upon on the Whole30 but it’s what worked for me today. Tomorrow’s a new day 😉

The family wanted Chipotle for dinner so I did a quick search to make sure the carnitas and guacamole were both still Whole30 compliant. YAS! I just got a carnitas bowl with lettuce, guac, and mild tomato salsa and then added a few things from home. I had a bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Riced Cauliflower in the freezer so I cooked that up. I also had red and yellow bell peppers in the fridge so I sliced those up and cooked them with the cauli rice. Added a healthy serving to my carnitas bowl and saved the rest to add to the chicken for another meal. Yay!

Chipotle Carnitas Bowl + Homemade Sautéed Bell Peppers & Cauli Rice

In addition to the bell pepper-cauli rice mix I made above I also pulled 2 packages of frozen spinach out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge overnight. With the kids back in school tomorrow I think I can finally make this spinach-egg casserole I’ve been eyeing at smittenkitchen.com… And this is not exactly prep work but I find the Chipotle bowls to be big enough for 2 meals so I always divide mine up. Eat half, save half. Another meal already “made.” *wink wink*

I woke up fine but as the day went on I’ve been a bit headache-y. Nothing debilitating but kind of a “my allergies are acting up” feeling of cloudiness. I’m making sure I drink a ton of water because I know that will help flush me. Otherwise I’m going to bed early tonight to try and get a good night of sleep before the madness of getting kids ready for school hits. The 6:00am alarm goes off tomorrow for the first time in over 2 weeks so no matter what I do it’s going to be rude.

The 💣.com

I think I’m going to include some What I Did For Myself stuff in the How I Feel section because that’s another one of my New Year’s resolutions. Do something every day that’s just for me. It can be as small as setting my alarm 20 minutes earlier so that I can enjoy a warm bev and start my day before waking up the girls. Just SOMETHING that gives me time to breathe. And today I finally took the time to do the BeautyCounter Purifying Charcoal Mask. My youngest sister gave me the BC Charcoal Cleansing Bar a few months ago which I love. I picked up the smaller version of the mask a few months ago when Target carried a few BeautyCounter products. (That was for a limited time and they’re already gone 😥.) The charcoal mask makes my skin silky smooth and seems to shrink the enormous pores on my nose. And I ❤️ it.

So that’s the story for today. Sweet dreams!


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